Davis Aquatic Masters

I joined the Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM) about four months ago, and I’ve been swimming almost every day since then, with the only exception of a few weeks that I spent in Spain during the summer.

I think that’s been helping me a lot. I’ve gained more than 12 lb and I feel in better shape than ever. I’ve been hiking again lately and I’ve started playing soccer with Nachito in the evenings. So far I haven’t noticed any signs of back pain, which means that the herniated disk is probably healing.

Swimming during the summer was very pleasant; Davis is super hot and jumping into the water at noon was very refreshing. I also have a great tan from swimming under the sun. However, it’s getting a bit chili now (~80º F). I wonder how hard it will be to swim during the winter; hopefully they will adjust the water temperature. In any case, swimming with others is very encouraging, it’s much easier to share the workout with regular lane-mates and a coach to urge you on.

Today we had a physiotherapy assessment test and just learned that my right shoulder is fucked up. It has a much more limited range of motions than the left shoulder and it makes cracking noises when rotating on certain angles. This summer I had a minor injury while swimming at the beach that kept me away from the pool for about one week, but it slowly recovered and after two weeks the pain was gone entirely. However, it’s very likely that I’ll have more problems if I don’t get that fixed. I should be able to change medical plans pretty soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to chose a decent physiotherapist.


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