Standing Desk 2

So, I finally bought the Ikea standing desk and I’ve been using it full time during this week.

As many predicted my feet hurt, and at the end of the day I feel extremely tired, almost as if I had been hiking, which is actually quite a nice feeling. For once I now get to sleep before midnight and wake up early in the mornings. I’ve realized I have to do stretching exercises to prevent cramps during the night. I suppose my body will end up getting used to it.

My doctor has finally prescribed me some stronger drugs. I’m now taking Prednisone for the inflammation and Vicodin for the pain. During the first few days the Vicadin eliminated the pain entirely; after weeks of constant pain with some acute episodes that was quite a relief. I felt energized and euphoric, suddenly I could walk normally, I could even run, jump, speed up my bike, and get some adrenaline flowing!

Unfortunately the body creates tolerance fairly quickly, so I had to reduce the dose. However, I think the inflammation is finally receding, the pain is still there, but it’s just a mere discomfort. I think the results of the physiotherapy are also starting to show. The S shape of my column has been corrected, it feels much more straight now. My abs are stronger than ever. I’m not sure it has been of any help for the pain, but at least it will hopefully prevent more damage in the future.

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