Back Online

You may have noticed my blog has been down during the last few months. I had some trouble with the server and lost all my posts. Unfortunately I did not have backups so it took quite some effort to restore them. At least I’ve managed to recover most articles and some of the posts that I wrote last year.

I really didn’t bother to restore the ones in which I only whine about my back pain; I’d rather not remember that part of my life. Some articles still have missing images, and I may update them progressively.

In the meantime I’ve written a couple of articles for The Witness blog and in the future I’ll continue posting most of my technical articles there as well:

Last spring was fantastic. I went hiking almost every single weekend and felt in better shape than ever. I’ve started writing some notes about my hikes in an attempt to plan them better; I don’t think this stuff is very useful to anyone but me, but here it is anyway:

Nacho’s Hiking Notes

This summer I went to Spain and stayed there 5 weeks, much longer than usual. My grandmother died unexpectedly and it was good to be able to spend some more time with my family. When I got back I realized how lonely I am here in the US, how superficial are all my relationships.

I tried to stay in shape while abroad, but there’s nothing like the DAM workouts. I was flirting with lane 5 when I left and I’m now back to lane 3 again. The first two weeks have been excruciating, but I’m getting back into my routine and hopefully I’ll make my way up again.

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