Ignacio Castaño

Game Industry Veteran
Ignacio has been a steadfast presence in the gaming industry for over 23 years. He is best known for his significant contribution to the renowned game "The Witness". His diverse experience spans from tools and engine development at startups like Thekla and Crytek, and at mid-size studios like Oddworld and Relic, to technical and leadership roles at major corporations such as Roblox and NVIDIA.

Graphics Hardware & API Contributor
At NVIDIA, Ignacio had a key involvement in the development of the Direct3D11 hardware tessellation pipeline. His insight into hardware design provides a unique perspective of the challenges game developers encounter.

Author & Speaker
Ignacio has co-authored a paper for SIGGRAPH Asia, organized a course at SIGGRAPH, and contributed as an editor for the Rendering section of the GPU Gems 3 book. He has also shared his knowledge at events like GDC and Gamefest, and discussed GPU compute technologies at specialized gatherings.

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